Monday, 28 February 2011

Enda Kenny – Challenging Ireland to change


The new Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny has an unenviable task in turning around Ireland’s crippled economy, and he comes with a tough message, “Get your heads down and get back to work!”. The Fine Gael leader is currently negotiating a new coalition government, and should assume power on 9th May when the Irish Parliament will ratify his accession.

As yet, we have no birth-time for him, if anyone out there does have a confirmed time it would be nice to know. Enda has a steady as you go Taurus Sun conjunct Mercury and Mars, so a man with plenty of controlled energy and plenty to say. Mercury/Mars indicates a sharp temper if crossed and that conjunction is sextile Uranus in Cancer, he is patriotic, has radical ideas to help his homeland and wishes to implement them. That Mars is in a wide square to Pluto in Leo, a very fixed combination that will not be pushed out of the way – he’s got a stubborn side to him. The triple conjunction is quindecile (165 degrees) Neptune in social Libra – he has a social dream that will burn deep in his psyche. Enda has Jupiter in Aries, a pioneering spirit and an interest in philosophy and also of all things foreign, however this Jupiter is square Uranus, so there will be conflict between the needs of his homeland and his relationships with the outside world. Looking at his foreign policy and his dealing with the European Union as Ireland goes about dealing with it’s massive debt problem should be very interesting and revealing. Saturn in critical cautious Virgo opposes Jupiter, should he push too hard he may have to learn hard lessons when that opposition is activated by transits in the future.


Enda’s relationship with his homeland (Ireland natal chart 18/04/1949 – Dublin) is interesting. Enda’s Sun & Mercury conjunct Ireland’s natal Mercury so his message will hit home. Ireland’s natal Moon (the people) is opposite Ireland’s Uranus and trine Mars. The public will see him as a man of change and of action, his role is to shake things up. Enda’s Jupiter sextiles Ireland’s Jupiter, so he will be seen as lucky but a word of warning for him. Enda’s authoritarian Saturn squares the Ireland Uranus, his tough line will be challenged in due course.

Ireland needed a hard man to sort out it’s 100 billion Euro debt problem. They seem to have found one. I will update when Enda Kenny takes power in a couple of weeks.

Please also see Ireland, it's new government and the future  **This post now updated 9th March 11 **


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