Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand – An astrological view of why it happened.

Quake nz

Earthquakes are so frustrating for Astrologers. It is possible to see the after-effects of an earthquake on a set of astrological charts put alongside each other, but almost impossible to predict where one will hit – just simply as you need to see the astrological conditions of the day one a single point on planet earth in relation to the astrological conditions on the day and time that the eclipse happened relocated to that same point on earth. Phew, that’s complicated enough isn’t it? Sometimes you get clues as often the disaster happens under the path of the previous eclipse, but not always, as is the case with the latest quake to hit Christchurch, New Zealand.

As I have mentioned before in previous posts, the last solar eclipse took place on 4th Jan 2011 at 09.02 GMT. Relocated to Christchurch we have a late Cancer ascendant and Venus conjunct the IC at the bottom of the chart. Saturn square Mars conjunct the eclipse degree at 13:38 Capricorn.  The eclipse hit the Mars/Pluto midpoint, indicating great force, power, even violence. The interesting thing for me is that the eclipse was quindecile (165 degrees) from the ascendant (representing the point on earth in Christchurch). Quindeciles produces a force or intensity of energy – like a laser (see below the gold line). If one had seen this on 4th January, you could be sure something would happen when that ascendant at 29 Cancer or the eclipse degree was activated by a transiting planet in the next 5-6 months, releasing that Mars/Pluto energy. See also that Uranus is trine that ascendant sitting at 27 degrees Pisces. Uranus is also part of a Grand water trine made into a kite formation by the midheaven and Venus, a store of energy on this particular chart. All grand trines (or the kite in this case) need an outlet for that energy to be discharged (normally an opposition or square), but in this case the outlet is that quindecile from the ascendant out to the eclipse and the trine from the midheaven through Mars conjunct the eclipse; the energy then travels onwards through the square to Saturn where the chain stops. Uranus always is the bringer of shocks and unpredictable events. It only had to transit on 2 degrees and that trine would be exact and fully activated. Saturn traditionally represents the earth – look at the pattern. All the planets are connected up except Saturn - in this chart it is almost as if she is acting as a lightening conductor.

SolarEclipse nz

Ok, lets look at the chart for when the earthquake hit in comparison to the eclipse chart. Transiting Uranus has moved round to almost exactly trine the eclipse ascendant. At the bottom of the chart, transiting Saturn along with transiting Moon are exactly conjunct eclipse Saturn; the top and bottom of the pattern were connected up, with emotional overtones (Moon). The Sun had moved round to quincunx (150 deg) this connection indicating a change, a release, a letting go. Transiting Jupiter is squaring Pluto (destruction on a large scale),the Midheaven at the time of the quake trine the eclipse Pluto suggests a difficult time, with rebuilding needed.


At some point we may find some way of predicting catastrophic events like earthquakes, as it relatively easy for astrologers to see the effects after the event, but it probably needs people to look on a grand scale at the astrological weather and to correlate their efforts to send out accurate warnings in advance. Maybe though the internet in the future…


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