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Colonel Gaddafi – Going out the same door he came in


Just a quick look at embattled Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Al-Gaddafi who is after 42 years of absolute rule is staring the exit door in the face. We have no birth time for the Colonel, born in Sirte, Libya on 7th June 42, which is a shame.

Gaddafi is a Sun sign Gemini (it is a very Gemini & airy chart) with 5 planets in the twins sign. He has an Aires Moon, so a need to be first and at the top dominates his emotions. There is a  Pluto/Mars conjunction, Pluto in Leo and Mars in Cancer, he will defend his family, homeland and powerbase in a no nonsense manner by any means if need be. That controlling Pluto and fiery Aries moon make a mini grand trine with Saturn and Uranus (2 of the Gemini planets). Here is the need to be the top dog (Aries Moon) to create revolutionary (Uranus) government (Saturn) by forceful control (Pluto). It also makes him very dangerous and unpredictable. The other 3 Gemini planets Sun, Mercury and Jupiter form the point of a T-Square with that Aires moon opposite Neptune in conservative Virgo – here is the motivation for his huge rambling, religious speeches he is so noted for. Emotionally he will be direct, but evasive and deceptive.


Ok a look at the transits on his chart. Transiting Mars is as I write exactly square his natal Saturn/Uranus, so his revolutionary authority is being challenged by force. Transiting Uranus is exactly square his Jupiter, so his freedom is now cut off by rebel actions and Uranus is opposite his natal Neptune causing confusion. Poignantly, the transiting Sun is sitting on his South Node this evening, time to go back from whence you came; he was brought up from peasant roots. If we look to Gaddafi’s presidency chart (1st Sept 69), there is the same picture. Transiting Uranus is square natal Uranus, the revolutionary being overthrown by those who wish to overthrow him, and transiting Pluto is square Jupiter and Mercury, so freedom and communications are cut off. It look as if for Muammar Al-Gaddafi, the party’s over, and for Libya confusion and a battle for control will begin.

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Posted on 21st August 2011 - Libya – Gaddafi’s hold on power coming to an end.


Here is the transit chart for for Gaddafi on the day of his death.


Looking at the transits, it is easy to see the downfall of Gaddafi. The transiting South Node was exactly on Gaddafi’s Sun and the transiting North node was making a quindecile to his Saturn. This double connection showed the end of his power and Gaddafi meeting his fate at the hands of those now in charge. Transiting Pluto was trine his natal Moon, so emotionally he would have been at breakpoint. Transiting Uranus was trine to natal Pluto and transiting Mars sextile his Sun so danger and unexpected shock were coming their way to him. Finally transiting Neptune was square to his Saturn/Uranus conjunction. Neptune dissolves and disintegrates and his revolutionary power over the past few months that this square has been in operation has been slipping away. Today, the revolutionaries finally caught up with him and served their retribution.

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