Sunday, 27 February 2011

Charlie Sheen – Constantly living on the edge

charlie sheen

What is it with famous people saying things out of turn right now? This week we had John Galliano the fashion designer, now it is Charlie Sheen who, in a very controversial radio interview made himself very unpopular with the creator of “Two & a Half Men” in which Sheen stars. The show was promptly cut following the outburst.

Charlie is a critical Sun sign Virgo in the creative 5th house, with his Moon in free and easy Sagittarius but hidden away in the complex 8th. That Moon in such an outgoing sign as Sagittarius here gives an element of putting your nose into other people’s business, the need to control other people’s affairs. It also lends a need for reform, reconstruction and rehabilitation.

His natal chart is very outgoing!! Sun in the 5th with Uranus and Pluto is an explosive mix. Very creative and self-destructive, the need to be crazy, wacky and different. He will have a riotous sense of humour. Opposite this combination is Saturn in the 11th, a huge need to be loved and appreciated, although that appreciation may not have extended to his father. With Saturn retrograde and opposite his Sun, Charlie would have craved love from him, something I suspect he never truly received. This opposition by sextile and trine feeds into the film and TV ruling Neptune in the 6th house. Here Neptune is not so well placed. Although visionary and very imaginative in a wide conjunction to Mars, it lends a disorganisation into the everyday life, and with a quindecile to the Ascendant, the need to escape from the everyday routine for Charlie is very necessary. Neptune rules drugs and alcohol and it is widely known that Sheen has entered rehab in the past, echoing the need of the Moon in the 8th. Charlie will be at the same time very concerned with his health and wellbeing, but simply may not be able to help himself. Any type of drugs will have a far reaching effect on him. Venus in sociable Libra also sits in the 6th in a creative sextile to Mercury. Here is the need to make people around him happy.


Charlie has a very generous 2nd house – 8th House opposition, Jupiter to Moon. Here is his giving side, he will be charitable and helpful to friends as well as those less well off; he will support groups and associations which support such causes. Personally, his attitude to money will be extravagant, if I got it I’ll spend it & flaunt it. Finally looking at the last of the major planets, we look at Mercury. It is in showy bossy Leo, Charlie will be outspoken and controversial especially at work with a quindecile to his Midheaven. In his quieter moments, he will also a bit of a bookworm and interested in history and the past.

The last solar eclipse of 4th Jan hinted that Charlie was due a reorganisation in his life, hitting in his 8th house of change. The transiting planets of the moment are clustered are around Charlie’s midheaven, his career. Sun Mars and Mercury all conjunct and are opposite his natal Sun, Pluto and Uranus and trine natal Mars – unwise, aggressive, critical words in a public setting have caused upset and the reorganisation I hinted of earlier. Transiting Uranus is also square his natal Jupiter, unpredictable over-the top behaviour and transiting Saturn is conjunct natal Saturn in the 6th house – a work relationship is being affected. I suspect that the best course for Charlie will be to go away, lick his wounds and find new creative challenges to get his teeth into.

**Update 8th March 11**

Just been announced that Charlie Sheen has been fired from his hit TV show Two and a Half Men. Quite frankly I am not surprised. The astrology said it was on the cards and there was always only ever going to be one outcome. The planets don’t lie…

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