Thursday, 23 November 2017

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Aquarius - Friday 24th November 2017


The Moon is in Aquarius today, the sign of rational thought and innovation. There is a sceptical feeling today with the Moon in this sign. Aquarius and Aquarians will always challenge any concept to prove it's validity and worth, they never take anything on face value until they have themselves worked out why something is as it is, and once that has been ascertained, they will never change their point of view. The need today then is to ask questions in order to get answers. The Aquarian Moon is friendly and sociable, yet it keeps it's distance. It likes to network and connect and there is an inclusive feel here too, not discriminating against race, colour or creed. We are the sum of the parts, we are a whole, and yet everyone is an individual within that whole.

There is a lovely balance as we start the day with the Sun in Sagittarius exactly sextile to the Moon in Aquarius, our cool emotions marry well with the open and expansive and adventurous Sun. We can explore the possibilities of the day in an almost scientific manner. The Moon then progresses on to make a square to Jupiter, the ruler of the Sagittarius and the scientific and technical exploration theme goes on. There is a sense of investigation too to the deepest and darkest corner of any situation you can imagine with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio, we want to search, to go deeper and father today and we do this with clarity and with ice cold composure.

All the while while this is going on we have two other aspect closing in. Mercury is now making a conjunction with Saturn, an aspect that will dominate the weekend. Mercury in Sagittarius wants to see the big picture, but Saturn is the planet of limitation, and we are honing the information that we are taking in to just that which we need. There is a process of sorting out the wheat from the chaff going on here, eliminating anything superfluous and unnecessary, we can appreciate the scale of the situation, but we can also focus just on what is most important.

Jupiter and Neptune are forming a trine aspect now, with Neptune having just turned direct in the past couple of days. This is another aspect of exploring, but one of using our imaginations to the fullest extent. Normally this is one of dreaming and going on a spiritual or creative journey, indeed this is an escapist connection, one where normally we can run away from our demons and hide, but with the Aquarian Moon square to Jupiter questioning our motives, and the Saturn Mercury conjunction holding our minds to account, this particular journey is being controlled and directed. We can only go in the direction that is best for us, and we will be forced, whether we like it or not, to face up to our problems and worries head on.

In a way, being told to face reality is a good thing, and today and over this weekend, the question of we want or would like to believe in pitted directly against the cold stark reality of where we are now, and what is best for our current situation, is a question that all of us will have consider, and answer...

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Astrology of the Day – Thursday 23rd November 2017

The Moon spends its second day in the sign of Capricorn and we will feel a sense of responsibility for almost all of the day. Capricorn ruled by Saturn is a sign of limitation and administration and we will need to do things in the most efficient and organised way possible, the need to succeed in all our endeavours is strong. There is little show of emotion under this sign, as we will always have more important issues to concern us.
The Moon starts out the day square to Mars and this will make us a little impatient early on. As the Moon moves on it start to make a square aspect to Uranus in Aries and a sextile to Chiron. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and in a more positive way it is also known as a maverick influence too. Here we need to be that little bit different and we have a chance to show our sense of individuality today. Not only does Chiron sextile to the Moon impel us to be our own person, but Uranus also promotes an independent side with the added need to rebel against anything holding us back. My sense is that we will wilfully break the rules now, and do our own thing if we feel that it is warranted, and yet the Moon in Capricorn tells us to tow the line and to follow protocol. We may be pushed and pulled mentally as to which is the best course of action to take. Ultimately though, there will be a distinct lack of emotion swaying us through the aspects that are occurring, and instead we will work on cool logic logic and rationality. This is not a day where our senses will serve us so well, no this is a day to make decisions on the facts as they are presented to us. We will get the best results through organisation, lists, structure and common sense.
Late on in the day the Moon shift into the unemotional sign of Aquarius reinforcing the planetary energies of the previous 22 hours. Now we take on a more stubborn mood, we aren't going to change our minds. We know what works best for us, and no-one or nobody will tell us any differently.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Astrology of the Day - Wednesday 22nd November 2017


The Moon remains in Capricorn today and we remain in the main rather emotionally stoic and less able to express our true desires than we normally would do. Here is a feeling of keeping excesses under check, of not showing weakness and vulnerability otherwise people may think ill of us. Our reputation matters and so does the way we present ourselves to the world. We need to feel strong and useful, even if inside we feel as weak as a kitten.

Now the Moon as the day begins is in a helpful sextile to Jupiter and this allows us to open out a bit first up and to be more open and accessible than the Moon in Capricorn would generally allow us to be. This is followed by another sextile, this time to Neptune and our sensitivity and need to help out others is enhanced. There is kindness here, an intuitive feel and a very down to earth sacrificial nature, constructive and caring. As the day moves on, the Moon gets closer to a conjunction with Pluto, which is still forming a sextile to Venus and a square to Mars. Even though these aspects are diverging, emotions will rise considerably as we hit the evening, there will be an obsession to do the right thing, to help aid change, act and show deep compassion. There is a lot of intense caring, love and emotion if we use the energy positively. We will need to control the situation we are in, be successful, and aid survival against all opposition.

Now there are a couple of fixed star conjunctions operating today. Venus is now hitting the second of the stars in the scales of Libra, Zuben Eschamali sitting in the fortunate Northern Scale. This connection shows a willingness towards helping out in social situations, however you will involving yourself to benefit in some way, either financially or through raising your reputation and influence. This connection can be liked to favourable gain from romance to making money. Mercury is connecting with Ras Alhague, the main star in Ophiuchus, the serpent holder. This star and constellation is linked to the premise of medicine and healing, and Mercury here is an indicator of the counsellor, the researcher or the person who studies different methods of helping people. You get the theme here? This is a day of being in touch with the requirements of others, and acting to make their lives just a little bit easier. There is lovely energy to mould and shape today, so make a difference and use it wisely...

Monday, 20 November 2017

Astrology of the Day – Venus sextile Pluto - Tuesday 21st November 2017


The Moon begins in a conjunction with Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius today and our expansive needs may be held back by more weighty concerns this morning, we will take things seriously even through to the point that the Moon changes sign, as it moves into the sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn holds in the most expansive and outgoing of our emotions and we may be more stern and unsentimental today than we normally are.

I wish I could mention more about the aspects that the Moon makes today, however it doesn't make any at all and all I can expand upon is that as the day goes on the frosty edge that the Moon in Saturn gives out will be warmed gently by a closing sextile to Jupiter, an aspect that perfects in the early morning of Wednesday. This aspect will take the edge off our rather autocratic and restrictive mood. We will want to be organised today, to work hard and to get things done. Tuesday will be a day of graft and putting our nose to the grindstone, there is not much fun about and sometimes we have to accept that our responsibilities just have to come first.

With this lack of lunar activity, one aspect dominates, an exact sextile between Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Here is the planet of love intensified by the planet of the underground. Here is secret, earthy, primal desire, sexual tension, the need to touch, feel and sense deeply. There is a whiff of dark power and control, manipulation and even cruelty. Our values are driven underground and behind closed doors, nothing is off the table. Venus rules our possessions and money too, and this is a day where we can grab opportunities to borrow things that we need for the days ahead, or we may be in a position to lend our possessions and resources to others who need them more than we do at present, so long as the terms are directly in our favour. The trick is to keep things under your control, and under this sky it shouldn't be too difficult a task to achieve...


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