Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sir Roger Moore – Always living in the fast lane…

Hi there. I've done a quick appreciation of Sir Roger Moore who passed away today, aged 89. Hope you enjoy reading some astrology information about the longest serving James Bond...
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Sir Roger Moore – Always living in the fast lane…


Sir Roger Moore

Today at the age of 89 years, the film actor and former “James Bond”, Sir Roger Moore passed away, after a short battle with cancer. He was the longest serving of the actors to play Bond, bringing a suave and sophisticated side to the character, combined with some very cheesy humour. He also appeared in several feature films and TV series here in the UK.

Monday, 22 May 2017

New Moon in Gemini - Assessing our options, overcoming restrictions and making choices...



On 25th May we will see a New Moon in the versatile sign of Gemini, at 4.46 degrees. Gemini is an air sign, the sign of information and communication, of flexibility, ingenuity and restlessness. Gemini souls are always on the go, and in the same way this New Moon should initiate a flurry of action. The phrase putting too many eggs in one basket is always a phrase I associate with Gemini, and here in lies a danger. Not that you won't act now, of course you will, but will you choose the right course of action, or will you spread your bets so thinly that you won't really be able to target exactly what you want in as focused a manner as you should? Gemini tends to cause us to play the field too much, instead of choosing the optimum way of doing things.

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If you didn’t know I am doing rolling horoscopes on my sister website. These are ones that I will constantly update on a periodical basis as the planets change signs or if there are important planetary connections. Please go to the appropriate link for yourself…

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