Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio - Reaching the end of the line.


Bridge ending

In the heavens above us, Mars and Saturn are closing in on a conjunction, they connect exactly on 25th August 2014. These two planets join up every 2 to 2 and a half years and when they do, they often have a dramatic effect. These are the two driving forces of the zodiac, Mars the planet of action and force, the planet that gives us drive, motivation and aggressive intent. Saturn is the planet of limitation and loss, of taking time (which Mars doesn’t do) and of holding us back. These two planets are completely opposite in the way that they go about things so there is going to a battle of wills in the sign of Scorpio in the next week.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mars conjunct Acrux and Alphecca - Getting it right or being lucky, but paying a price for it too.



This double conjunction occurs at 12.04 & 12.40 degrees Scorpio and is effective from now until the 18th August.

After the rush of sad news from Hollywood, back to the normal stuff of looking at the planets as they connect with the most prominent stars in the sky. In the next days Mars moving on in Scorpio hits two stars on the same degree, Acrux in Crux, the constellation of the Southern Cross and Alphecca, the star in Corona Borealis, the crown of flowers. Acrux is first and this is a star of power, money and materialism and therefore I suspect that those with assets and strong foundations behind them will be assertive and forceful in their actions. I also think that positive intentions now can set you on the road to making some money and gaining some influence, even in a fortunate sense.

There is as ever with the stars a catch and that comes in the form of the other star on this degree Alphecca. This star has always been one where you can get all the trappings that life can offer you and you can enjoy them to the full, but there will be a huge price to pay after you have exhausted all of them. The initial connection to this star will allow you to have everything you want, love, luck, money, whatever you desire, but it will not last. Often there is a cliff that people seem to fall off when they have links to this star, and the fall can be a long and a hard one. Poor Robin Williams is such a case in point. He had this star on his ascendant and despite having everything he could ever want, there was that sadness in his eyes and he did fall off that cliff a couple of times. With Alphecca, there is not a choice and you will have to accept that success comes with a price of either failure afterwards or learning the tough way from errors of judgement that you make in the the wake of you initial decisions.

Around the world, if you see people celebrating this weekend, take it with a pinch of salt. Be in the knowledge that whatever is achieved now may in the weeks ahead be a false dawn, a hollow victory masking the truth about how it was really won. What is gained today can be lost tomorrow, on the spin of a wheel you can lose it all. You may win the battle but not win the war. Stay humble, keep your feet on the ground and know that if you get lucky, you should avoid the temptations that come with your fortune.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lauren Bacall – A lady not to be messed with.


Lauren Bacall

It’s been a tough week in tinsel town and another one of their leading lights has departed the stage. Lauren Bacall was a formidable lady. I saw her only once when I was working at Heathrow Airport, maybe 7 years ago or so. Even then at 82 years of age there was a presence to her, still very glamorous and you could just tell that she had a no nonsense attitude. This was one tough lady who played it straight. She passed away from a massive stroke after living a fulfilling and exciting life. She reached the grand old age of 89, and now she passes through the pearly gates to once again star alongside her partner in crime, Humphrey Bogart.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Solaris Astrology Newsletter arrives for start of September.

Newsletter banner 1

After surviving a bit of a crisis point, I have got to work and as you will all know necessity is the mother of invention. I have decided to start a Newsletter that I will send out twice monthly, the first edition will be on 1st September 2014 allowing me time to get the format correct etc etc. I will email it out to everyone who subscribes in pdf format, the same as in the normal reports that I send out to you.

Content - I will include exclusive stories from the news as I do here on the blog and on the Facebook page including astrological profiles of interesting people making headlines, news stories and what may occur in the future and any other planetary movements that catch my eye. I also hope to have a look at the fixed stars connections in the weeks ahead too. Anything I publish in the newsletter will not be available anywhere else.

In addition to myself, I am pleased to report that World Famous Astrologer Jessica Adams will be contributing too. Jessica currently writes Astrology for Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan and at the moment she is travelling around Europe travel writing. I hope that she is the first of many top Astrology writers who will be appearing in the months ahead.

I want to make this rather special, unique and varied. I will be looking to try different stories to comment on, be they simply Astrological, connected to news and prediction, entertainment, sports or even science.

Price - I am setting it at $12 or £7 a month. I chose US Dollars as well as UK Pounds this time as many more of my readers come from the United States. I am hoping it will be easier for you all. Payment will unfortunately have to be via PayPal, however there will be the option of unsubscribing at any time if you are unhappy, or do not wish to continue. If I get a good response and enough people around the world join up then I will in time reduce the price per month.

I know very well that people are very reticent in paying for online content, however I hope over the weeks, months and years that I have been doing this blog, my Facebook page and website that you know me to be a very hardworking and giving person, and I hope that many of you will support me in this new venture. If you are part of any other Astrological groups or collectives, please spread the word and share this post. The more who know about it, the better.

One distant aim I have in the future is to set up a proper Astrological newspaper for the world, maybe with different writers who have different perspectives. Now that would be something, wouldn't it??
I hope these are the first baby steps for this ultimate dream.

To subscribe to it, please follow the following link...

Please click here to go to my subscription page for the Solaris Astrology Newsletter

Click here to go to Jessica Adam's personal website

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