Monday, 28 July 2014

Libya - tearing itself apart through fractional fighting.


While the eyes of the world have been on flight MH17, Ukraine, Israel and the Gaza strip, in Northern Africa, civil war threatens to tear the country of Libya formally ruled by Colonel Qaddafi to pieces. The situation is so dangerous that the British foreign office have told all Britons to leave the North African nation and the Americans recently pulled their people out too.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Mars in Scorpio – Soft on the outside, tough on the inside.

Mars wallpaper

In the early hours of tomorrow (26th July 2014), Mars shifts from the sign of Libra where it has been since December last year, because it went into retrograde motion for 2 and a half months between March and May, into the very different sign of Scorpio. Mars in Libra was all about relationships and fairness and standing up for and maybe even fighting for what you thought was right. Now in moving into Scorpio, Mars takes on a very, very different complexion. Libra can be all things to all people if it wants to be, after all this is the sign of relating and therefore you have to show different facets of your character to get on with different people, don’t you? Mars in Scorpio doesn’t see things like this. With Scorpio, you love me or you hate me, we get on or we don’t. You see, there is no middle ground at all when planets are resident in this sign.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Israel & Palestine - Why these two peas don't fit in the same pod.


After the latest news today that an Israeli bomb hit a UN run school in Gaza killing 15 and injuring over 200 people, I decided to have a look at the Astrology between these two bitter rivals both squabbling over the same land. If you want to know why these enemies always seem to end up fighting and killing each other, just look at each Astrology chart against each other. It is very easy to see why…

Air Algérie loses contact with one of it’s aircraft, AH5017.


Another airplane disappears. The BBC are saying that Air Algérie have lost contact with one of their aircraft over Mali in Western Africa. The flight from aircraft from Ouagadougou to Algiers carrying 116 passengers and crew vanished 50 minutes into the flight. This is the third passenger aircraft to have a serious incident in the past week or so. Firstly we had MH17, then a TransAsia Airways crash claimed the lives of 48 people yesterday in Taiwan, and now I hear this news. What is causing this rash of air incidents and tragedies?


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